Monday, July 22, 2013

ACP requirements - where do I find help

If you are in the process of thinking to take the ACP Exam, you have to start with your registration on the global homepage.

Similar as with the PMP you have to fulfill some requirements.

At the moment the requirements are not that hard to fulfill. You need:

General project Experience 

Agile project Experience

Training in agile practices 

Examination with agile projects

In detail you can find them all here.

The good thing is, if you already hold a PMP certificate, you have gained the necessary 2000 hours working experience and you need only to proof the additional 1500 hours in agile project subjects. And here it is good enough to be involved in agile projects, there is no requirement to be a specific part or to run a special function inside these projects.

For more details about the ACP and how to apply, you should download or read the ACP handbook, which PMI provides for everybody.

You can find the ACP handbook here.

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