Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Daily scrum

If you come from the traditional world, this will be something new for you. A daily meeting with the whole team?
Yes, and for several reasons it works in the most cases perfect!
So to show you some of the benefits for this meeting, we have to take a deeper look at the rules for this daily returning meeting.

First of all, in scrum our team is not bigger than max. 9 people.
You can find visitors at the daily stand up meeting, but (important for the exam!!) they can listen only, they are not allowed to say or even to interrupt.

Secondly, the topic is highly concentrated: everyone answers only three questions!

1. what have I done since the last meeting?

2. what do I plan to do today?

3. Are there any obstacles in my way?

And nothing else!!! For a good daily stand up meeting it is important to concentrate on these questions. And as the "stand up" therm says, all team members should stand around in a circle, close together, this helps to keep the meeting short, good teams will not need longer than 15 minutes. For the ACP exam you will learn, that verbal communication is the best communication, so here you have verbal communication in its best form.
One last thing, even it might be hard, but the best is, if this meeting is ALWAYS at the same time. If you prefer it in the morning or in the even, this is a team decision.

So but if there is the need for further discussions?
Then the team will schedule an extra meeting and only the really needed people get invited.
The scope of the daily stand up meeting is the give everybody an overview and the take care that all know what is the "workbench" of his coworkers.

But what do I do if I work with distributed teams? 
Even then you follow the rules, every day for 15 minutes, they all answer the 3 questions via a video conference or in the worst case via a phone. Important is, that the information is shared between all involved team members.

Please read and learn carefully the principles of this meeting, in the exam you will find some questions about this meeting.

Good Luck!

Thomas Schneider
PMI chapter SFBAC

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