Monday, July 8, 2013

What do I need to know for the ACP Exam?

First of all, I have to say, about everything you will find here and on the internet, there is no guarantee that it covers all you will see on your Exam.
Only PMI could tell you that 100% correct, but they never will do so.

So on what should you concentrate?
Most of the questions are short and straight forward.
You will find a lot of questions in relation to Scrum, XP and Lean frameworks. There the roles and the responsibilities are important to know.
Kanban, Lean is important as well, Crystal, FDD and DSDM are not that often asked. But anyway you should know what the differences between these methods are.
A good source to learn these topics, are the Glossaries of the ACP books you can find on the market.
 You have to understand the Artifacts, the different types of meetings, input and output of these meetings, the daily Scrum and other ceremonies.
This is important as you will be asked several questions with scenarios where you have to find the right answer based on these topics.
Further you should be familiar with “Burn down charts”, Velocity, story points, cumulative flow diagram, WIP and why it is so important
You will find multiple questions based on scenarios and how best will you apply agile practices under different scenarios. Mostly on Team, Scrum, Communication stuff.

And as I heard, there is a change about EVM, EV, PV. This week I heard the first time, that there was a question with some calculations, so you can see; PMI adds always new questions and that there is a continuous change in the level to pass the exam.

Good Luck!

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