Thursday, August 15, 2013

How to document activities for the ACP Certification?

As I got this question by email, I want to share it with you all.
The question was in which way you have to prove that you have working experience with agile?

To remember here again what the ACP Handbook says:

this picture is from the ACP handbook, the latest version you find here

This means you have to prove 1500 hours if you hold the PMP certification and if you start without it, you need to prove 2000 hours general project experience and additional 1500 hours for agile project experience.
So far so good, but what exactly does it means? The question was, how detailed this has to be done.
So here an overview about all data you need to show to document your participation in an agile project:

  • Project name / title
  • project start date and when it was finished
  • your role inside the project
  • primary industry
  • your job title
  • name of the organization
  • organization address
  • you have to identify a contact person for verification (don't worry, normally PMI never calls)
  • the number of hours you spent on this project

and finally you have to summarize  the project, so that PMI can see in which way the project was / is related to agile. You have to describe the agile principles used in this project and which results you delivered. For this you have 300 up to max. 1100 characters space.
Everything you can find on the official PMI homepage --> Link

Good Luck!

Thomas Schneider
PMI SFBAC chapter

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