Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Scrum meetings

Today we will take a deeper look at the meetings with Scrum.
You need to know them and the details. So you better write some index cards with these meetings as you will face a lot of questions about them.

Daily stand up meeting duration 15 min

its the team, scrum master and the product owner
happens always at the same time and if possible at the same location

Sprint or iteration retrospective meeting duration 1.5 hours

this meeting is only for the team, no discussions about the product, the goal is to see, what run not that well (and how to improve it), what can be made better, what worked fine.(PROCESSES)
It happens at the end of each iteration, normally after the sprint review meeting, the complete team with the product owner and Scrum Master tries to improve their communication.
The moderator of this meeting should be a Scrum Master who is not part of this team.

Sprint review meeting duration 4 hours 

At the end of each iteration the team presents the results of the last iteration.
The goal is to get feedback! Invited for this meeting are all stakeholders. 
This meeting is a PRODUCT concerned meeting. 
So here the team gets direct feedback for all deliverables and can see, if it fulfills the customers need and expectations. So if new ideas or any rework comes up, this has to be planed for one of the next iterations. You will find them then on the product backlog.
But exactly will be presented: everything, completed, tested, fulfilling the acceptance criteria.
The presentation is done by the team.

So on our list is now only one meeting missing, the sprint planning. About this meeting we will inform you soon.

Good Luck!

Thomas Schneider
PMI chapter SFBAC

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